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No matter what phase of your career, we are here to share with your options for consideration to benefit you in a meaningful way. It all starts with a chat.

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What’s your plan or goals?

We can help bring to life your plans and goals personally & professionally while continuing care for your team and patients. Our partners joined G&M for many reasons such as:


Planning retirement in the future, want to retire soon or simply time for something new? We will take care of your legacy.


Still enjoying what you do at work but need more hours to enjoy life. Enjoy a flexible working schedule that compliments your personal needs too.


Opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals. Or simply not enough time in the day to do everything while running a business. Let us help with all the back of house using our systems, processes and expert talent in each function such as HR & Marketing. Allows more time for patient care and family.


Realise the value of all your hard work now. Use this money upfront to pay off debt, enhance your super/investments or simply anything you choose. We also offer an attractive remuneration package for time you stay with G&M. Liberty is yours.

Here’s the benefits for joining us!

Here’s just a few… there are many more, just ask any of our partners.


Backup support and friendship

“You’ve got the ability to give of yourself for the next 3, 4 or 5 years, and set a platform for the future, for someone else in the actual business. With a comfort of knowing you’ve got the backup, support, the help, and the friendship. And the friendship is key, I must stress, the friendship in this business is key. - Hilton

20% increase in income

“In the last year, our practice has grown around 20% so our income has increased by 20% and that’s in a time where businesses are going through huge challenges and uncertainty because of the pandemic. - Dirk

Treated like a professional

“I want to stress that G&M actually treats optometrists as a professional. They let optometrists make up their own mind so that’s very important to a lot of optometrists I think – Very important to me anyway.” - Tin Wong

Process after joining G&M


Meet & Greet

Starts with a simple chat which takes about 45mins. Here we get to learn more about you, your business, team and ideals. We then introduce you to G&M and share all the suitable options we can explore together.


Valuation / Head of Agreement

Once you agree to share financials with us, you sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure agreement) this protects both of us. We then create a valuation that we base our proposal from. Once we agree, we sign a Heads of Agreement.


Due Diligence

You will share some more information to assist us in completing a due diligence on your business. We are a very transparent about what and how we do things. Don’t worry, we will guide you in every step of the way.


Long Form

We proudly offer you our final documents for signing. We help you save on legal fees as we draft all documents from the very first step.


Onboarding & Transition

We may have onboarded a few times to date, we keep improving every time for a great experience. We have a dedicated team who work through every transition detail from training, in practice support, marketing and communications. Let us do the heavy lifting.

And finally, Welcome to the G&M Family.

Still Curious and want to know more?

We invite you to complete our enquiry form below or alternatively directly contact GM of Partnerships:

Cassie Gersbach | 0401 577 542 |

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to talk to G&M about my plans?

If you are thinking about it, then time is now. We can suggest best options and approach while working with suitable timelines.

How do I maximise the value of my practice purchase price?

Short answer, we value you and our partnership, the longer you stay to work towards your exit, the better. We do offer other options and are competitive.

How long will the process take?

We have a dedicated team who can prioritise each partnership. If we all work together as a team, we can move quickly. 90 days is a fair timeline if desired and an enjoyable experience for all. Some have taken longer, and we have done it less. We’re efficient and flexible.

What does working with G&M look like?

We value our partnership, your experience, contribution, and ideas, we consult on all major decisions of the business. Clinical independence is alive and well respected, just ask our Partners. At the end of the day, we want the same things, and we will achieve them together. Some processes and systems we follow to allow benefits of scale and deliver efficiencies, again we all benefit from these. We take the time to share the why for everyone’s understanding.Example answer

What are my options if I want to stay longer than my agreed term?

Many of our partners have stayed longer, of their choice. We discuss everyone’s needs and work together to agree best solution go forward. Alternatively, if you wish to exit at original agreed time, we find a successor to look after your legacy and continue with the business.

Working at G&M

As a growing business, G&M is always looking for talented people to join our team – if you are looking for your next opportunity:

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G&M Opportunities

To check out our current roles in G&M check out our Careers Page.

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